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Here's What Parents Have to Say About Fame Theatre Company

Melinda (Parent)
“A wonderful group to be involved in. Fabulous for developing children’s confidence and fostering a love for the Performing Arts. My daughter has been attending for over 6 years and it’s still a favourite part of her week.”
Tracy Williams (Parent)
“Harriet has gained an enormous amount of confidence and self- reliance through her time with Fame and I know this will stand her in good stead in the future.”
Maggie (Parent)
“Thank you to Sharon and the teachers for wonderfully guiding and helping Sebastien. He’s had such a great time and is still singing the songs in the car. As parents we’ve enjoyed watching him grow in confidence.”
Kate (Parent)
“My daughter has been there for 5 years and she absolutely loves her fame classes.”
Anna Jameson (Parent)
“The end of year show was fabulous.  We all enjoyed it immensely, so congratulations to you all.”
Nanette Paterson (Parent)
“A wonderful, professional and caring place for all kids.”
Zoe (Parent)
My husband and I just want to say big thank you to Miss Stephanie for Abigail’s wonderful learning experience at Teeny Fame at Mt Gravatt.  Last night when we saw her on the stage without any discomfort and upset, I had tears in my eyes.  I saw her feel secure and comfort with Miss Stephanie’s leadership and build her confidence through this year at Teeny Fame.  We are really grateful with Miss Stephanie’s professional, patient and caring toward Abigail when she is at Teeny Fame and also on the stage last night.
Kate Peereboom (Parent)
What a lovely concert last night😄
Our family has been associated with Fame for 17 years with all 3 kids and it has been an absolute pleasure . Thank you Marcia to you and the team for all your hard work in running such a professional operation over so many years.
Elizabeth Arthur (Grandparent)
My granddaughter, Edana, has been attending Fame classes for a few years and loves everything about it. And so do my husband and I. The age appropriateness of the material, the wonderful performances and performance opportunities and responsibilities/learning experiences for senior students and all students. Thank you!
Nicki Lockley (Parent)
Having been to the concert tonight and witnessing how much my boys love their class each week I would like to say a big thank you to the ” team” who make it all happen. I would especially like to thank Leia and Lana whose caring nature and dedication towards the kids is so evident.
Veronica Ingram (Parent)
We feel very blessed to have joined the FAME family and sincerely thank you for being there and supporting and encouraging Jack with the wonderful opportunities so far.

Past Students

Oliver Hetherington-Page
(Past student)
Fame has been my home away from home since I was five years old. Fame is a place where it was okay for boys to sing and dance and act, where people no matter their shape, size or skill level can find a creative outlet. Fame is more than just a performance school. Fame develops the person not just the performer. Fame develops friendships not just cast-mates. The memories and friendships I have made at Fame will last me a lifetime and the skills have set me on a journey to a career in drama.
Angela Mazza (Past student)
I wouldn’t be the person that I am if it weren’t for the 10 years I spent at Fame. It shaped me in so many ways and encouraged me to flourish into an adult with self-confidence, courage, ability, acceptance, ambition and an enviable work ethic. All of my dearest friends are Fame alumni and there is an unspoken bond between us that I’ve never quite developed with other people. The friends and staff that I had the pleasure of being around were genuinely invested in my success and helping me grow, which I will always be thankful for. My time at Fame remains dear to me almost 10 years on and I hope that one day I can enrol my future children.
Loren Hunter (Past student)
I look back on Fame with such fond memories. Fame was a place I could go and be 100% authentically me. During high school it was very important for me to not only have that creative outlet but enter a space where there were like- minded people. Fame gave me the opportunity to make my dreams a reality. I felt incredibly supported not only by my peers but by the amazing staff.
If not for Fame, I wouldn’t have known the steps to take after high school to begin chipping away at a career in the performing arts. It was only through past students and the staff that I knew to audition for WAAPA. I am so grateful for my time at the “little theatre school that could” for igniting my passions and creating a fire within me to build the career I have today in Musical Theatre. Much love to the Fame community past and present.
Gabriella Leibowitz (Past student)
Fame was a big part of my life from the age of 8 to 18 and was the number one thing I looked forward to in my week. With equal value placed on singing, dance and drama in classes, I got to explore my passions in a safe and supportive environment with a focus on fun and doing your best. While the performing experience I gained was very helpful when I worked in attractions at Walt Disney World in Florida, throughout my time at Fame I also learned many transferable skills, including confidence, resilience and teamwork, which I use every day in my career as a migration lawyer. Fame was the place where I felt like I truly belonged and the friends I have made from Fame will be my friends for life.
Jason Miller (Past student)
I never thought I would truly pursue a career as a performer, but the training I received at Fame shaped that possibility into a reality. From the supportive staff and frequent performance opportunities, to the skills and knowledge acquired for both onstage appearances and understanding the behind-the-scenes, Fame instilled in me a respect for the theatre that is valued across the entertainment industry.
Peter Murphy (Past student)
I can’t explain how instrumental Fame was in my musical theatre career. The combination of vocal, dance and performance training provided me with a unique set of skills and helped me immeasurably with my career in musical theatre. I have been lucky enough to perform around the world and I am forever grateful to the Fame family for everything they did to prepare me and to support me.
Laura Greenhalgh (Past student)
I don’t think I was aware of how much the 8 years I spent at Fame Theatre Company would contribute to my future and career in the performing arts industry. But from the ages of 7 through to my early teens, I was taught discipline, I was taught a craft, I was taught dedication, I was taught commitment and I was taught and developed an overwhelming passion for the creative arts which has significantly contributed to my success in areas such as Professional Children’s Entertainment, International Contracts and Professional Musical Theatre. I thank my mum for putting 7-year old Laura in her first Indooroopilly Juniors class at Fame all those years ago and cannot express enough my love and gratitude for the entire Fame Family – past, present and future!
Jack East (Past student)
Fame, to me, was so much more than a performing arts business. Fame was, and still is, an inclusive safe place that encourages differences and promotes individuality.
The fact that the performing arts industry was not where my career steered is irrelevant. The skill set Fame equipped me with as far as self- esteem, confidence and friendship goes is truly invaluable, and can be applied to anybody in any field. 12 years on I still attribute much of my company’s growth and success to the life lessons I learnt at Fame.
Gemma Thomas (Past student)
My Fame years were the best of my life. The skills I learnt and the people I met are lifelong rewards that I will always be grateful for. Fame breaks down the barriers which may exist in other aspects of your life and allows everyone to be 100% themselves. It allows you to discover a part of you that you may not know is there and nurtures, develops and expresses that discovery. The skills I learnt were not limited to performing. Stepping out of my comfort zone, learning to work with people, creatively expressing myself, public speaking and confidence in front of a crowd are all lifelong skills I can take away from my years at Fame.
Samantha Kacin (Past student)
Fame has not only taught me to appreciate the arts and all it entails, it has taught me life skills along the way. Confidence in public speaking is something almost all jobs encompass. Today, I perform in front of a stadium of 5000 people and don’t think twice thanks to the confidence instilled in me at Fame. I also learnt the invaluable skill of memorisation which helps in day to day life and learning. I cannot thank my parents enough for putting me into Fame and would highly recommend to anyone!
Courtney Egan (Past student)
I was with Fame for 7 years and I can honestly say that those 7 years changed my life. My family still say that it was Fame that boosted my confidence as a teenager. I feel so lucky to have had this time meeting friends that are still my closest friends today. There is something extremely special about the bond the Fame community creates. Being a Performing Arts teacher now, I hope I instil the same passion in my kids that Fame impressed upon me.
Peter Nielson (Past student)
I was 8 when I made my first performance on the stage at Westfield Strathpine and could never have imagined that that first step would lead onto a career as a performer, technician, creative and technical director. I’ve seen the world through arena tours, designed rides for Universal theme parks, even created Olympic Ceremonies. And while I can’t say Fame gave me all the skills for these jobs, it provided me the foundation and fostered the work ethic required. I’m forever grateful to the Fame team for the fun we had, the friends we made and the doors Fame has opened and even more excited about the ones it is yet to on this truly amazing adventure.
Nicola White (Past student)
The friendships I made over my five years at Fame are still my closest today. Over my time at Fame, I built a love and appreciation for the performing arts, and as a result, have gone on to develop a successful career working as an event and entertainment manager on Queensland’s largest youth performing arts event. I feel passionate about the importance of exposing young people to the performing arts, and hope that Fame will be able to continue to change people’s lives, one friendship and one performance at a time.

Holiday Shows

Deb Cupples
Many years ago I took my now 28yo & 20yo twins to every school holiday production, today I had the glorious opportunity to introduce my 4yo granddaughter to Fame. She loved it and so did I, we even got a meet and greet down at the park after the show and the kids/cast were lovely. Well done Fame, we will be back again and again and again.
Just went to the morning performance today and was thoroughly entertained by the cast’s humour and enthusiasm. My two little grandchildren were absorbed in it also. Thank you for providing such delightful live theatre. Congratulations to the cast and crew….
Keep up the good job!
Rhiannon Kimberley
So proud of Fame for continuing to provide the deaf community with Auslan (sign language) interpreted performances of children’s theatre on school holidays! Theatre is and should be for everyone!
Gaye Inall
I would like to say thank you for providing the interpreters for the Three Little Pigs. It is wonderful that I can attend Fame Theatre productions with my daughter and understand the performance. The cast were amazing. I hope that my Hannah one day will be able to perform as well those did yesterday.
Ash Jackson
The show was absolutely fantastic! The kids involved did an amazing job and the music and audience interaction kept us all engaged! I especially loved the part where the audience were invited to help the evil queen see herself with their mirrors- such a fabulous idea! We will definitely be booking in to come and see Cinderella in the September holidays.

Fame Theatre Company 

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